Veganagogo, our particularly pretty, vegan travel translation app for the iPhone will have you speaking the language of vegan wherever your travels take you. Featuring seven questions and statements professionally translated into 50 languages, day and night modes, and a bunch of full-screen quirky animal icons to back up your message, our apps work offline so the further off the beaten track your travels take you, the better.


The name’s slightly different but the aim’s the same. Veggoagogo, our vegetarian travel translation app for the iPhone features the same app architecture and professional translators used for Veganagogo, our vegan app. Veggoagogo will have you ordering veggie fare with flare from Abu Dhabi to Zurich. Why not save a buck or two and order the Agogo Eats bundle of both Veggoagogo and Veganagogo for the iPhone.

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Agogo Eats Translation Sheets

No fancy phone to run our apps? No matter. With Agogo Eats Travel Translation Sheets we’re taking things analogue. Our 96 translation sheets are free to download, paper versions of what our apps do so well. Just like the Vietnamese vegan translation sheet below, only bigger and optimised for print.

No questions asked, no catches, no signups required. Simply choose your languages, whether you want vegan or vegetarian sheets and boom, your selection will begin whizzing their way through cyberspace to your inbox within seconds. Get downloading now.

Veganagogo Vietnam Vegan Translation Sheet