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German to English Vegan Travel Translations

Vegan? Travelling to Germany?

Here's your German starter for ten:

Ich bin Veganer. Ich esse kein Fleisch, Geflügel, Fisch oder Meeresfrüchte sowie keine tierischen Produkte, einschließlich jeglicher Milchprodukte, Eier und Honig.

That's German for: "I am a vegan. I do not eat any meat, poultry, fish or seafood or any animal products including all dairy products, eggs and honey."

And here's a bunch of other words and short phrases that will help you share your vegan dietary requirements while travelling in Germany.

vegetarian: vegetarisch
vegan: vegan
I will not eat: ich esse kein/keine/keinen
meat: fleisch
chicken: geflügel
duck: ente
cow: rindfleisch
steak: steak
pig: schweinefleisch
pork: schweinefleisch
bacon: schinken
seafood: meeresfrüchte
fish: fisch
crabs: krabben
mussels: muscheln
oysters: austern
prawns: garnelen
octopus: tintenfisch
milk: milch
cream: sahne
yoghurt: joghurt
butter: butter
cheese: käse
eggs: eier
honey: honig
thank you: vielen dank

But we've got an option to share with you that take things a giant step further than that.

Agogo Eats takes the hassle out of ordering vegan food in Germany with our vegan travel translation app, Veganagogo.

Option 1. Veganagogo Vegan Travel App for the iPhone

Veganagogo, our 48 language iPhone vegan travel translation app allows you to confidently order Vegan food while travelling overseas.

Containing seven carefully thought out questions and statements, professionally translated by first language speakers at, you can be sure your vegan message hits home with the waiter, the chef or whoever else you happen to meet on your travels. And it works offline to boot, something Google Translate is yet to manage.

Excuse the cliche, but for about the cost of a cup of coffee, with Veganagogo in your pocket you can have total dietary peace of mind when travelling abroad.

Here's a little peek under the hood.

Select Your Statement

Veganagogo German Question Screen

Select German

Veganagogo German Language Screen

Display Your German Vegan Translation

Veganagogo German Translation Screen
Download Veganagogo from the App Store

You can read a little more about Veganagogo here, check out the Veganagogo user guide or head straight to the App Store and grab your own copy now.

Option 2. Veganagogo Vegan Travel T-Shirts

Don't speak German? It's no big deal when you're decked out in one of our Agogo Eats Vegan Travel Tees. Simply flash your threads at your waiter and you'll be chowing down on delicious vegan fare before you can say, available from Amazon in a range of colours and sizes.

Check out the full range of Agogo Eats Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescetarian, Flexitarian and Reducetarian t-shirts.

So, there you have it. Agogo Eats has your German vegan translation options well and truly covered.

All that's left to say is bon voyage et bon app├ętit.

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