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» Published on 14 Apr, 2018 by Paul

When we kicked off Agogo Eats with the Veggoagogo app for the iPhone back in 2014 we set up a mini vegetarian and vegan directory to compliment the site. It was a way to say thanks to the handful of sites and businesses that supported us early on in the piece.

Four years on and the directory had grown extensively as more and more vegan and vegetarian (but predominantly vegan) businesses, producers and service providers contacted us requesting a listing.

It got to the point where recently we decided to give the directory an online home all of its very own. Queue trumpets, it's with great pleasure that we introduce you to Vegan Flourish — the web's prettiest vegan directory.

We made a bit of an executive decision to take things fully vegan with Vegan Flourish. And whilst we continue to fully support all vegetarians, pescetarians, reducetarians and flexitarians, what can I say, that's the way the wind is blowing these days.

At the time of writing, Vegan Flourish is made of some 273 listings that are strewn across the 50 vegan categories listed below.

As we find our feet, these categories will expand and settle but for the time being we're expanding with, on average, a new category every other day. Listings are coming on board at the rate of five a day.

It's a paid directory. A listing will set you back a miserly €5 per month. This is an introductory rate so if you're looking to list your vegan product, service or business, lock it now and take advantage of this great rate.

For your €60 a year you get a page of your own — check out what we've done for Veg Jaunts and Journeys and Vegan Bunny — with a bespoke write-up, plenty of links, all your social media handles, a selected Youtube video (if you have one) along with promoted rotations atop all Vegan Flourish directory pages. Oh, and we'll also tweet about your brand to our 5,000+ Twitter followers and our Facebook fans to boot.

That's a lot of bang for your vegan buck.

Vegan Flourish Categories (as at April 2018)

Vegan Apps

Vegan Beauty

Vegan Cosmetics | Vegan Perfumes and Aftershaves | Vegan Shampoos and Conditioners

Vegan Blogs

Vegan Communities and Societies

Vegan Communities | Vegan Societies

Vegan Drink Brands

Vegan Breweries | Vegan Milk | Vegan Wineries

Vegan Fashion

Vegan Clothing | Vegan Fashion Accessories | Vegan Handbags | Vegan Shoes | Vegan Watches

Vegan Festivals

Vegan Fitness

Vegan Food Brands

Vegan Cheese | Vegan Chocolate | Vegan Dessert | Vegan Ice Cream | Vegan Meat Substitutes | Vegan Snacks | Vegan Stock | Vegan Sweets

Vegan Gifts

Vegan Candles

Vegan Homewares

Vegan Decor and Home Accessories | Vegan Furniture

Vegan Influencers

Vegan News and Magazines

Vegan Magazines | Vegan News

Vegan Online Stores

Vegan Online Supermarkets

Vegan Services

Vegan Interior Design | Vegan Publishers

Vegan Travel

Vegan Accommodation | Vegan Accommodation Services | Vegan Cruises | Vegan Tour Companies | Vegan Travel Agencies