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Vegan Travel Writers Wanted

Vegan Travel Writers Wanted

» Published on 05 Mar, 2018 by Paul

Vegan travel is our thing. Destination pieces, our bread and non-dairy butter. Our ideal article would run to 1,000 well-crafted words and take our visitor on a journey to a city destination.

Take us on a walking tour of Istanbul. Haggle for herbs at the Spice Bazaar, take in the Sultanahmet Mosque, sample some baklava and thick, black Turkish coffee at a café on Topkapi and tell us your take on Istanbul's finest falafel. That example may be a little heavy on the cliches, but you get my point. Paint us a picture.

While vegan travel is what we're all about, we're willing to consider anything eloquent and engaging that touches on one those two main pillars; veganism and travel. But all the better if you can double up.

Here's a few hints to get your article to the top of our pile.

We're not looking for anything with a number in the title. No, "7 Must Visit Cafes in Sydney" or "5 Great Things to Do in Barcelona". Definitely hit us up with an article that touches on five fun places to go in the Catalan capital but be creative with your title, and let your narrative flow using crafty segues, rather than dissecting it with subtitles. We're looking for articles that are written for the reader and that stand out from the web crowd rather than blend in.

"It doesn't matter where or how far you go — the farther commonly the worse — the important thing is how alive you are. Writing of every kind is a way to wake oneself up and keep as alive as when one has just fallen in love." — Pico Iyer

We love photographs. Particularly your own. Not so much the stock photography stuff, but if you have no choice ensure they're licensed for commercial re-use, go the hi-res option and cite their source. We can only consider photographs that are at least 1,200 pixels in height or width at their original resolution.

By all means include helpful links through your narrative to provide our readers with more information. The more the merrier in fact, but nothing commercial please.

If your article is a sponsored post — contains commercial links — please get in touch for rates and state who you're looking to promote and we'll get back to you in a jiffy.

We value great writing and we want to reward you financially for your hard work. We can't pay you at this point in time but we hope to change that policy in the coming months.

We can offer iPhone users a free download of either Veggoagogo (our vegetarian travel app) or Veganagogo (our vegan travel app). Just let us know your preference.

Authors will have a paragraph to tell us a little about themselves and provide a link through to their personal (non-commercial) blog. We'll also include your blog in the Vegan Blogs section of the Vegan Flourish directory.

In line with Google's sponsored link policy — and to avoid any ambiguity — all links within our posts are no-followed.

If you have an article that fits the bill, please send it on through to support {@} agogoeats dot com. Apologies in advance if we're slow to get back to you.

Phew, sorry for the heavy tone there in places. Web publishing is a completely different beast than it was even five years ago. We look forward to your submissions and thank you again for taking the time to visit Agogo Eats.